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SWS Hemodialysis Care Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2001, SWS Hemodialysis Care Co., Ltd. (“SWS”) provides integrated blood purification solutions of better care for renal failure and critically ill patients worldwide. Our products and services include blood purification devices, disposables, intelligent dialysis management system, and dialysis center services.

SWS is listed publicly on the Science and Technology Innovation Board (STAR Market) of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE: 688410), the very first in China′s blood purification industry. As a full-industry-chain company, SWS has 3 subsidiaries: TWT Bio-tech, KMJ Dialysis Co., Ltd., and one SINO-Swiss JV, SD Medical specialized in world′s state of art dialyzers.

Innovation is in the DNA of SWS. Over the past two decades, SWS has secured key technologies, research and engineering methods in blood purification. We own independent intellectual property rights and hundreds of authorized patents. Acknowledged as a national demonstration enterprise in technological innovation, SWS has set up technology and engineering research centers and an on-site postdoctoral workstation at national level. As a market pioneer in China, SWS has also participated in establishing three national standards and five industry standards.

Tầm Nhìn, Sứ Mệnh, Giá Trị Cốt Lõi

Improving the wellness of patients is SWS's utmost priority and ultimate goal. Better care to patients is made possible with our on-going commitment to integrated blood purification technology. With thousands of installed units worldwide, numerous patients with kidney diseases have benefited from our quality products and tailored services. SWS devices are CE marked and the quality system is ISO 13485:2016 certified. SWS has been recognized as one of the most reliable partners by top-notch Chinese Grade A hospitals and international medical institutions in more than 60 countries and regions.

Benefiting Patients With Renal Disease Worldwide

Over the past two decades, SWS employees have witnessed the transformation of the Company from a start-up to a domestic market leader in the blood purification equipment industry.

As we start this new chapter of journey, SWS people stay true to our original faith and aspirations. SWS Medical is ready to build a dialysis brand that makes a difference around the globe, benefiting kidney patients worldwide so that they can also enjoy the most of their lives.

Corporate Values


SWS staff see our future as closely related to the development of the Company and entire nation. Unswerving faith and loyalty to the Company and to the greater good will lead us longer and further.


SWS Medical cannot have its achievements without the consistent trust and support of our clients. We are grateful and work to make sure SWS Medical is worth it.


Our products serve to sustain life. Responsibility and pursuit of excellence is a must day-to-day.


We aim to become a global company and build a world leading dialysis brand, benefiting patients with renal failure worldwide.

Social Responsibilities

In 2020, our blood purification products were listed into the domestic innovative medical device product application demonstration projects and the national foreign aid material catalog. Our products are widely used in foreign aid projects to build hospitals overseas such as the Kiffa Health Center in Mauritania and the Niger General Hospital, contributing to the "Belt and Road" strategy.

During the Covid pandemic in 2020, SWS Medical was included in the national key support manufacturers of pandemic prevention materials by Chinese ministries. Our company supported both at home and abroad, with shared courage, the mission and responsibility to bring an end to the global pandemic. The State Council Covid Prevention Team specially praised the contribution of SWS Medical during the pandemic.

Văn Hóa Doanh Nghiệp

Corporate Mission

Building a world-class blood purification brand. Benefiting patients with renal failure worldwide

Corporate Motto

Life goes on. Innovation never ends

Quality Guideline

Constant improvement makes excellence

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