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VPDD Gencor Pacific Organics India Pvt Ltd

“Gencor Pacific Organics India Private Limited” having its registered office at Module 307 & 308, Phase 2 Ticel Biopark Limited, No.5, CSIR Road, Taramani, Chennai 600 113, Tamil Nadu, India formed in the year 2006.

Gencor is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company and also hold the Drug License.

Gencor specialize in international business related to Pharmaceuticals and manufacturing specialty Nutraceutical range of products. The major focus is to develop products in areas related to Personal care, Health Care, Food and Consumer health segment.

Gencor support changing Human Health needs across the lifespan through innovative, clinically proven ingredients.

Tầm Nhìn, Sứ Mệnh, Giá Trị Cốt Lõi

• Selection of strategic sources for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as well as Intermediates – Gencor Group has the expertise in this arena to execute from conceptualization to global Generic launches.
• Custom Synthesis / Contract Manufacture Projects for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as well as Intermediates – In this sphere of activity, satisfied leading Generic Companies are testimony to Gencor’s ability to spot, interact, manage and execute projects from competitive partners.
• Formulation dossier development projects: With extensive knowledge of Regulatory requirements within Gencor Group as well as expertise available in India and China,Gencor is well positioned to offer its services in this field.
• In- Licensing and Technology Transfer: We strategically identify long term partners for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, intermediates and Finished Dosage Forms.
• Gencor acts as supplier/intending agent for many of the Formulators in Vietnam by supplying various Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
• Gencor has successful track record of exclusive representation of their global customers. We are currently exporting pharmaceutical raw materials and finished formulation products to more than 40 countries across the globe.

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